What antibiotics you should take if you catch a cold

sick woman with runny nose

A cold is such a small word that it conceals under itself such big problems as stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, body aches, headache and pain and a week of discomfort. Symptoms are well known to everyone.

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In this article we will talk about how to treat this disease, whether it is possible to take antibiotics with a strong prolonged cold, high temperature and flu, whether it can be done without examining the doctor, which ones are best for help, and also consider good antibiotics, their labels and how they function.

The invention of such an important drug as an antibiotic has become a real sensation and a huge leap in the field of medicine. Before these highly effective drugs, various infections, including acute respiratory infections, are passed. We will try to figure out which antibiotics should be used for a cold in adults.


Appointed by a doctor when you have a cold with a temperature of 5 days. This group is especially active against a large number of bacteria, which are the main instigators of respiratory diseases. These drugs are absolutely safe and highly effective. The most popular among penicillins today is Amoxicillin, used for internal use. This medication is also prescribed in tablets for the youngest children. There are two types of penicillin: protected and not protected. If you have a choice, give preference to the first group, they are good for a complicated disease. So when questioning, drinking or not drinking, the answer is positive, especially if it is prescribed by a doctor.

“Three tablets”

Such a mysterious popular name acquired the famous antibiotic belonging to the group of macrolides – Azithromycin. It is prescribed for the treatment of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, as well as such resistant to preparations microbes as mycoplasmas, chlamydia, ureoplazms. Also, macrolides are used to treat respiratory diseases. The most popular and effective of them are:

Azithromycin, which is taken with the development of infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Clarithromycin. Quite safe, but it is contraindicated in infants until 6 months.

Cephalosporins. This is a huge group of antibiotics, the composition of which is created from 4 generations of various effective drugs. These are excellent tools for treatment, however, when they are taken, there are some subtleties – their ability to destroy beta-lactamases, and low bioavailability (poor ability to be absorbed by the intestine).

There are also cephalosporins in injections to the child and adult. This pediatrician is especially fond of this drug, as it copes well with its task against bacteria. But consider that their introduction is painful. Typically, doctors refer these drugs to the “reservoir” and designate them only in case of intolerance or ineffectiveness of the other two. Tablets are usually used with an attached bacterial infection.

So, now you know what antibiotics can be taken with a strong cold and how to choose them. Other antibacterial agents to date for the treatment of serious complications have not been invented.

Take care of yourself.